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Free Build with LEGO® bricks in the LEGO-inspired sandbox Creative mode
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LeoRPG is a non-commercial free to use experiment and personal project by the Damen Spike GAMES HQ.
LeoRPG is mainly a multiplayer game with single player modes involved. The goal of the game depends on the variety of game modes that are available in-game. Most of these are multiplayer involving competitive or co-operative play styles.

Ranks in-game go from 1-100. To rank up, your player must collect XP from playing the game modes that offer XP. Ranking up gets harder as your rank gets higher until rank 90 when it is hardest to rank up.

There is a dark red star on the left of the rank badge which means Beta Tester. This user will have played during the Open/Closed Beta of LeoRPG.

There is also a silver star which means 100 games won. And there is a gold star which means 100 games on the doom difficulty have been completed, which is the hardest one to earn.
There are all kinds of weapons in LeoRPG. Ranging from swords to bows to crossbows all the way to RPG's, pistols and rifles. You'll never get bored while playing with each kind of weapon system!
A side from combat you can build with LEGO® bricks in the LEGO-inspired sandbox Creative mode. There are 2x2 and 3x2 bricks available to build with. Bricks come in several colors that can be used to stack in any way possible. Worlds can be saved and returned to later on the internet. Other players can join each other's worlds as well and can access the building menu and all available weapons and vehicles in-game.
You can drive too in LeoRPG. There are several vehicles dotted around maps and you can summon any weapon you like using the inventory on the Creative mode.



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